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The Complete Core was created by personal trainer and Physiotherapist Dale Deis. Throughout his career, Dale has observed many back injuries due to a lack of core strength. Unable to find an exercising machine that worked the entire core musculature, Dale set out to design The Complete Core.

Other core machines are typically designed for the abdominals, which are only one part of the human core. The Complete Core was designed to work all of the core muscles, front, side and back, through a full range of motion. Strengthening the entire core not only gives you impressive abs, but also develops muscles that stabilize the spine helping you achieving a higher level of health and balance


The Machine

The Complete Core works on balance, strength and flexibility of the spine while simultaneously enabling range of motion that exceeds all other available machines. The Complete Core makes an exercise ball much safer and easier to use, because you don't fall off! Safety innovations include adjustable safety bumpers on the horizontal frame (mat) that are able to capture the ball when engaged horizontally on the mat which can also be used as a safety rail when in the vertical position.

Also provided is a drop down rail on the vertical frame, as a safety assist for foot placement during upper abdominal exercises. There is no other machine that is available that will allow the ability to bend backwards over the exercise ball with your feet secure and the ball stabilized. These anchors also allow movement in multiple planes ensuring functional strengthening and mobility of the core.

All levels of users, from injured to athletes, can be accommodated in a manner that is not frightening to any user.

Our vision

Recent studies have indicated the hazards to health of sustained sitting and how exercise can undo these effects. Preliminary studies on The Complete Core have indicated its potential use for office workers to undo the effects of sitting in much less time than what has been reported in some studies.

It has also been established that balance can be improved with use of The Complete Core which may be very important for the aging population.

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