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The Complete Core Fitness Machine was created by personal trainer and Physiotherapist Dale Deis. Throughout his career, Dale has observed many back injuries due to a lack of core strength. Unable to find an exercising machine that worked the entire core musculature, Dale set out to design The Complete Core.

Other core machines are typically designed for the abdominals, which are only one part of the human core. The Complete Core was designed to work all of the core muscles, front, side and back, through a full range of motion. Strengthening the entire core not only gives you impressive abs, but also develops muscles that stabilize and improve the mobility of the spine helping you achieving a higher level of health and balance.

In a modern world of sedentary workplaces, more people are experiencing back problems and health concerns. Sitting at a desk all day places stress on your neck, shoulders, and back causing permanent imbalances, compressed spinal disks, loss of flexibility, and discomfort or pain. What if you could reverse this damage and prevent future pain and injury?

The Complete Core utilizes basic fitness principals and an innovative approach to strengthening the core, preventing injury and achieving incredible results.

This one of a kind machine is beneficial for all fitness levels and provides targeted exercisesfor beginners, intermediate users, and those who are more advanced. As you progress through The Complete Core workouts, the muscles strengthen to add to spinal stability and because you are on a ball, full range of motion and strength through this improved movement can also be achieved. In a recent study, participants experienced an increase in lumbar stability, improved balance, and a reduction in neck, shoulder, and back pain after committing to a six-week Complete Core program.

Whether you are strengthening your core to rehabilitate an injury, better your functional fitness, or achieve aesthetic results, The Complete Core is your complete workout.

The ball supports the entire spinal column and encourages increasing rangers of motion while providing cushioning for the spine.

The head, hand, and foot holds create a stable environment, allowing you to focus on an isolated movement in the core. Optional support bumpers help stabilize the ball for beginners.

Anyone can use The Complete Core. Modifying the placement of the ball, hand, or foot holds, changes the level of difficulty for each movement making it the ideal machine for any fitness level.

Tech Specs

Fully Adjustable

The Complete Core is fully adjustable to suit different body sizes as well as increase or decrease difficulty of the exercises.

The foot bars can be raised or lowered to prevent the swiss ball from moving, creating a less intense exercise.

The lower handles can be opened or closed for a wide or narrow grip.

The head rest / feet rests both raise and lower to accomodate large and small exercise balls as well as different leg lengths on the person exercising.

The top handle raises and lowers. In the low position it creates a place to stablize yourself, and raised it allows use of the foot rests without creating an obstacle.

Muscles Activated

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