Wes Richmond

Canadian Army

My name is Wes Richmond, I am 63 years in the Canadian Army. I have remained physically active and conducted a regular exercise / workout programme since my high school days. Throughout all my physical training I have found that the most difficult fitness goal is too obtain and maintain good core strength and a trim waistline. There are many exercise routines and devices that contribute to this goal with varying degrees of success, but none are easy. I have been using Dale's Complete Core Fitness apparatus for approximately three months and am pleased with the results. The device is simple to use, easily adjustable and satisfies all my core fitness needs. There are four basic exercise routines, all conducted with a Swiss ball. The degree of difficulty (and overall benefit) can be changed simply through placement of the ball in relation to your body. THe four exercises are a regular part of my routine now and I have to admit that being able to use this equipment has removed the dread that I used to experience prior to conducting my previous core exercise routine. I have noted that my back, side and stomach muscles appear to be much stronger and after carrying out tasks around the home, I am experienceing fewer aches and bouts of back pain as a result. I have no hesitation in recommending the use of this core strengthening equipment to anyone, regardless of their current level of age.

Patrick S. Boyd

Fitness Services Supervisor - YMCA of Medicine Hat

As a kinesiology major and personal trainer, I know there are many different ways to train the core. There are right and wrong ways to do this. The core machine that Dale has put together is one of the most effective ways to train as function should be. It combines the simplistic with functional. By being able to work the core through all of the movements and through full range of motion, it creates a very effective and efficient workout. Results can come much faster by training this way and not just doing the same crunches over and over.

I like to use the machine for my own personal training as well as recommending it to my clients and members of the YMCA. They too have echoed my thoughts in that it is a very effective workout for training the core. The machine is always in high demand and gets well used. In my own use, I've noticed a stronger core, more flexibility as well as more energy throughout my day.

There are very few machines, if any, that can deliver the full workout that this machine can give. I would recommend it to every gym.

Dale McKenzie

President - Southern Alberta Institute of Massage

I personally use the Core Frame to increase the intensity and range of motion for my abdominal workout. I have not found a better exercise device to target my core muscles as I choose, while promoting full range of motion contractions.

I have incorporated the Core Frame concept into my Instruction of Therapeutic Exercises at the Southern Alberta Institute of Massage.

Karen Mahar

Mother, User of The Complete Core

I'm a 47 year old mother of three. I've been working out ever since I was 18 years old. I have seen a lot of different types of ab machines in my day and not one device that works all abs in one machine. I found I had to use multiple devices or a lot of different ab exercises to get a proper work out for my abs. Now with Dale's machine you can work out all your abs in one, by changing body positions you work your upper, lower, obliques, and even the back. I find I don't have to twork longer or harder to get great results. It works with every exercise in perfect form, you can even move to more advanced exercises with it when you're ready. I have been using it for about a month and love it! I'm really impressed by this machine and so thankful that he has developed it. Thanks Dale!

Logan and Tanner Mayer

Heritage Junior Hockey League

My brother and I are teammates on the Medicine Hat Cubs Junior B Hockey Team.

For the past several months we have used the machine, created by Dale, as part of our daily workout schedule and have noticed significant changes, not only in our game but our overall health as well.

For us this machine provided:

  • Increase in core strength
  • Improved agility
  • Improved stability
  • Considerable improvement in our shots - wrist, slap, snap and backhand
  • Increased uppor body strength adn therefore decreased potential upper body injuries
  • Better sleep - due to lack of sore back

We would highly recommend this workout machine to anyone looking to strengthen their core and back. It's an ideal machine for athletes and speaking from experience it shows improvement and rapid results.

Wayne Schlenker

REALTOR® Royal LePage

I have been using Dale's machine since he installed it at our local YMCA. I have found it to be very challenging, yet user friendly. By changing the location of the ball, you can increase or decrease the intensity of the workout. This versitile machine also adjusts into different positions, allowing you to work on your upper and lower abs as well as your upper and lower back. I have definitly seen my core strengthen as I have worked with Dale's machine and would highly recommend it as a challenging alternative for core development.

Tamara Dundas

Personal Training Specialist

The "Core Machine" that Dale Deis has designed is a fantastic, complete core workout incorporating not just abdominals and oblique's typically targeted with most core contraptions but Dale's design takes into account both the abs and the lower back which is essential for a balanced core strength.

I would (and already have) highly recommend this machine to anyone seeking a safe and effective core workout experience to enhance their present routines.

Tom Wilde

Crossfit gym owner / operator, Yoga teacher, Boxing coach, YMCA Volunteer

So I am introduced to this equipment from Dale. I'm a natural skeptic and all around fitness equipment doubter. Just maybe a little more so when I hear words like core development and abdominal.

So this thing hands me my ass after a few unstable reps and now I'm curious. Full supported range of motion with guided spinal opening while exporing a viriety of dynamic movements. Safely ballistic. Definitly curious.

My kids activities allow me to visit this humble creation over the next few weeks, the notepads come out and scrutiny is delivered and bounced off other fellow "skeptics". Diagrams for improvements alterations and possible inefficiency fixes were implored then compared to other industry claimed similar devices.

As the weeks moved, full core improvement and increase in holistic balance. Funny how that works. Excited about telling others about this simple tool that allows the swiss ball to be used effectively.

I would never promo anything for any other reason than it's awesomeness - a great simple teaching too that will increase rate of personal growth and awareness.

Ralph Weeks


For the majority of my adult life I have been a regular participant at the local fitness center. I have incorporated fitness into my life and have enjoyed the benefits of being generally fit and in good health. Recently I had the good fortune to use The Complete Core at the YMCA in Medicine Hat, AB, Canada.

The Complete Core provides at least four seperate exercises that address different abdominal muscles. I have struggled to find the appropriate exercises to help with my abs. The Complete Core is the best I have encountered in all my years in the gym. I recommend it to you without hesitation. It takes very little room, however I have found it to be more effective than other ab machines.

Jim McGregor

Medicine Hat Remand Center

My name is Jim McGregor and I work at the Medicine Hat Remand Center. I have been an active, long-time member of the YMCA, working out on a regular, daily basis but have suffered from chronic back issues for over 20 years. For the last year or so I have been using this new apparatus that Dale has patented and along with Dale's guidance to use the correct technique, I have found the machine to be very beneficial for myself. What I really like about this new apparatus is that it's self-motivated where you guage the workout you prefer - as hard or as easy as you want. In my own circumstance, it has not caused me any further, unnecessary back pain... just good pain, the kind expected from working out. I am confident your staff would enjoy and benefit from this ab and back machine.

Bob Graham

User of machine

I am a tall 64 year old with a history of poor posture and 30 years of a sore lower back. I started using this apparatus at the YMCA in Medicine Hat, nearly every day since it arrived about 2013. My core is so much stronger, my back is no longer sore, I find it a "no brainer" to use as I cannot be injured. Also a circuit of the 4 recommended procedures only takes approx 30 minutes.

A total endorsement of this "one stop abdomin" machine.

S. Nadeau

20 Year Fire Fighter

I was lucky enough to end up with one of these machines in my home. It really is what it says. Everything in your core gets a balanced workout. Have been using it for 4 months straight 2-3 times a week and have noticed a remarkable change in my core. From visible abs to less aches and pains all around. Definitely recommend giving this machine a try if you are serious about getting your core in great shape.